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What is the Nomadtopia Collective?

The Nomadtopia Collective is a community for those living or aspiring to live their version of Nomadtopia: a location-independent lifestyle that incorporates travel, new experiences, and everything else that's important to them. 

In the Collective, you can connect with others on the same path, get support and resources, and share information to make creating and living your Nomadtopia easier and better than ever.

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What Will I Find in the Collective?

Here's just a brief sampling of some of the content in the Collective, with more conversations, questions, and resources being added all the time:

  • Detailed resources on topics including figuring out what your Nomadtopia looks like, preparing for a trip home, dealing with documents and contracts, and lots more
  • Vulnerable conversations on loneliness, questioning one's path, and dealing with ailing parents from afar
  • Questions (and answers) about health insurance, the best housesitting platforms, and tools to track your travels
  • Celebrations of each other's wins like moving abroad, getting a first housesitting gig, quitting a job, or obtaining residency
  • Replays of past member calls on topics like productivity & organization, cryptocurrency for nomads, US taxes, and planning for life and business (with new live video calls every month)
  • Fun chats about podcasts, nomad-friendly hobbies, and how we handle "quick" questions that don't have quick answers for people like us

Who Is the Collective For?

  • Location-independent professionals who are already living their Nomadtopia (traveling full-time, living abroad, etc.) and looking to connect with others, share their experience, and get the high-level answers to complex questions they aren't finding anywhere else.
  • Longtime nomads looking for a change (find a base? head to a completely new region? new work opportunities?) and a safe space to explore what's next.
  • People who are location independent and seeking out community, resources, and support as they prepare to travel full-time, live abroad, or just take their work on the road occasionally.
  • Those who are working on creating location-independent income and want to connect with like-minded people and gather information so they can do all of the above! 

Current members of the Collective include full-time nomads, housesitters, expats, and global citizens; early retirees and people taking sabbaticals to travel; long-time business owners preparing to live abroad; people with full-time jobs exploring their options; and all kinds of variations on these themes.

The Collective is a truly global community! While many of our members are from the United States and Canada, the Collective has people from all over the world, including Switzerland, Japan, UK, Argentina, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Hungary.

We're a well-traveled bunch (naturally), and many members are traveling full-time or currently based outside their passport country in places like Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Sweden, Bulgaria, Spain, Indonesia, and Egypt.

Member Benefits

As a member of the Nomadtopia Collective, you get access to:

  • A private community web platform and mobile app that's fun to use and customizable to your interests
  • Two member calls every month to connect with each other and learn new information and skills
  • A growing library of resources, including content from online courses Create Your Nomadtopia and the Work-from-Anywhere Toolkit, no longer available anywhere else
  • Member discounts on 1:1 coaching with Nomadtopia founder Amy Scott (and more to come!)
  • Access to a supportive and friendly global network of nomads, aspiring nomads, and location-independent folks of all types
  • A weekly member newsletter highlighting recent activity in the Collective, upcoming events, and more

Join Us Today!

Stop sifting through random, outdated information on Google and get what you need straight from people who've been there and are creating and living a location-independent lifestyle just like you! 

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What Members Say about the Collective

This is a big step we're taking, moving abroad, and my friends and family would never do this. Most don't even want to hear much about it. So, I have no one to share it with or ask questions of before or during and certainly not after. I am thrilled to know there is this place where I can share what I have been keeping inside for the most part. I'm super excited and curious and I'm grateful that I have a place to finally express myself.

—Laura Dangerfield

As an aspiring nomad, I lacked a community of like-minded people with whom I could exchange ideas and share my questions and concerns for feedback and advice. I had tried connecting with people individually and in Facebook groups, but those efforts left me drained and frustrated, while the Collective leaves me feeling inspired, energized, and supported. The Collective provides a central and private place to connect with experienced, like-minded, friendly people on a similar path who willingly share information, answer questions, and provide guidance. This results in a tremendous wealth of relevant and helpful information. And, the Collective is very easy to navigate and is organized in such a way that you can quickly and easily find the topics you are interested in. If you want answers to questions and support for current challenges from experienced people who understand the location-independent lifestyle, the Collective is the place to go.

—Terry Esquivel

In the Collective, I have found many pertinent and engaging conversations on a wide range of topics. I also found many voices that aren't always front and center in other groups that cater to nomads, which is quite refreshing. As a more experienced nomad, I’m enjoying the new connections, the plethora of ideas being shared, and the opportunity to feel like a useful contributor.

—Naomi Peters

As I begin my location-independent life, I found it difficult to find places to connect with other nomads and ask the smaller, day-to-day questions. Facebook groups can be helpful, but I've found the community in Nomadtopia Collective to be uniquely welcoming and supportive, with members who are helpful and knowledgeable and where I can get high-quality responses to all my questions. The Nomadtopia Collective has something to offer everyone, from those brand-new to the location-independent lifestyle all the way to long-time experienced nomads.

—Grace Taylor

As with all communities, when I joined the Collective I wondered whether I would connect with anyone or find friends, but I already feel at home and supported. I love that people here understand my lifestyle and aren’t asking me when I will settle down, or how long I will continue this lifestyle, like other people in my life. I also draw inspiration from connecting with people who are actually way more location-independent than I am. For my first venture into my own Nomadtopia, back in 2013, Amy was a huge comfort and support, and the more I expand, the more I travel, I become more and more comfortable with this life, but I still love and really appreciate that support. This community gives you that, whether you're on the brink of taking the leap or on your way.

—Lina Sandén

If you are location independent, I can think of no better social network to belong to than the Nomadtopia Collective. I often felt lonely as a nomad, and also struggled with some of the logistics of the lifestyle. In the Collective, I’ve received good solutions to problems and found a warm and friendly community, which is so important when you are single and nomadic and don't have colleagues. Networks like Facebook are great for keeping in touch with old friends, but if you're seeking out like-minded people who understand the vagaries of living and working abroad, the Collective is the place. You're going to find people from all over the world who "get" your lifestyle and who have stories to share about what has worked for them along the way.

—Gillian Culff

It's time you had a community where you truly belong.

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