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Resources and support to build, live, and thrive in your location-independent lifestyle

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Let’s be honest.
Starting or living a life as a digital nomad is hard. 

There are the logistical challenges, sure. Things like how to set up residency in another country, how health insurance works for nomads, what kind of timeline you should follow to get everything done, and what to do with your home and belongings.

But the hardest part for most people is this:
Everyone around you? They just don’t get it.

And? You just don’t know what you don’t know.

You may wander into Facebook groups hoping to get insight and support from experienced nomads, but instead find travel enthusiasts with plenty of unhelpful opinions. Worse, there are the snarky comments and endless drama to sift through, and so many people that you quickly drown in all the digital noise.

Welcome to the
Nomadtopia® Collective

A hub of resources, inspiration, and community for building—and thriving in—the location-independent lifestyle that's right for you. 

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The Nomadtopia Collective is a global online community for all nomads—aspiring, newbie, and experienced alike. Members can not only answer complicated logistical questions related to nomad life but will also support you at every step of your journey. It makes all the difference to connect with people who understand you, your dreams, and your lifestyle.

We’re here to foster connection and smooth your way, no matter how you nomad.

Members of the Collective are open-minded, welcoming, and supportive. We understand and respect that even though we may have different perspectives, experiences, and versions of Nomadtopia we can still support and care for each other.

Inside the Nomadtopia Collective, you'll find all the resources and community a nomad could ever need.

When you join, you'll get answers to your questions around topics like:

  • HEALTH & WELL-BEING: Personal safety, insurance, and health care
  • LOGISTICS: Mail, bureaucracy, and storing your stuff
  • MONEY: International banking, taxes, budgeting
  • PARENTING: Child care, homeschooling, friendships
  • TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY: Gadgets, apps, and tools you need as a nomad
  • TRAVEL: Where to go, what to pack, flights, visas, accommodations, languages
  • WORK & BUSINESS: How to work on the road, keeping clients happy, and more…

There's also a growing library of special courses inside the Collective, such as:

Go from zero ideas (or too many ideas!) to an itinerary you’re excited about

Just getting started or making adjustments?
Figure out what your ideal lifestyle really looks like

Besides getting your logistical questions answered, you'll also find a kind, supportive community that's eager to help you during your nomad journey:

  • A private online community platform that’s easily customizable to your interests
  • Monthly virtual hangouts where you can meet others and talk about the ins and outs of nomad life
  • Monthly virtual discussions on themes like Home, Learning, and Connection that foster deeper relationships with other members and make your Nomadtopia more fulfilling and sustainable
  • Other events to connect with each other, broaden your perspective, and improve your location-independent life
  • Invitations to live recordings of the Nomadtopia Radio podcast, including Q&A with Amy and guests
  • Member discounts for useful products and services
  • And more

Being a nomad is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. But it’s super hard to find the right people to support you as you do it.

Get the answers and connection you need in the Nomadtopia Collective

In this community, you'll find people who really get you, and are just as committed to making your nomad dreams happen as you are!

Click here to join us for $19/month.

You'll find a diverse community inside the Nomadtopia Collective.

Countries where members are based and/or have citizenship or residency

Stage of life people are in

Number of years members have been nomading

Age of members in the Collective

Look who's living their Nomadtopia

“I naively thought all location-independent people were in their 20s living in Bali, but the Collective skews a bit older with members taking different paths to fulfill the lifestyle. We have common interests despite being spread around the world, and everyone is open and down to earth. It can be difficult to find nomadic advice that's relevant, relatable, and evidence-based, but I trust the advice I get in this community because I've gotten to know people personally and we have similar values.” —Paul Ryken

“Especially when I questioned whether I could pull it off, the collective wisdom and unflagging support of other Collective members made all the difference. I can’t imagine how the past two years would have gone without this community. I’m now eight months into my Nomadtopia and loving it.” —Mary Anne Machado

“I had no one to share the adventure with or ask questions of before or during and certainly not after. My friends and family would never move abroad and most don’t even want to hear much about it, so I am thrilled to have this place where I can share what I have been keeping inside for the most part.” —Laura Dangerfield

“If you want answers to questions and support for current challenges from experienced people who understand the location-independent lifestyle, the Collective is the place to go. The Collective leaves me feeling inspired, energized, and supported.” —Terry Esquivel

“This community gives you the support you need, whether you’re on the brink of taking the leap or on your way. I love that people in the Collective understand my lifestyle and aren’t asking me when I will settle down, or how long I will continue, like other people in my life.” —Lina Sandén

“I’ve found pertinent and engaging conversations on a wide range of topics.
There are many voices that aren’t always front and center in other groups that cater to nomads, which is quite refreshing. As a more experienced nomad, I enjoy the new connections, the plethora of ideas being shared, and the opportunity to feel like a useful contributor.” —Naomi Peters

“The Collective is uniquely welcoming and supportive, a place where I can get high-quality responses to all my questions from helpful and knowledgeable people. This community has something to offer everyone, from those brand-new to the location-independent lifestyle all the way to long-time experienced nomads.” —Grace Taylor

“I often felt lonely as a nomad, and I also struggled with some of the logistics of the lifestyle. In the Collective, I’ve received good solutions to problems and found a warm and friendly community of people from all over the world who understand my lifestyle and have stories to share about what has worked for them along the way.” —Gillian Culff


You've got questions, 
we've got answers


Of course! However you define yourself and your lifestyle, if you’re location independent (not tied to a specific location to support yourself financially), interested in making travel or living abroad a bigger part of your life, and wanting to connect with others doing similar things, you’ll likely find plenty of kindred spirits in the Collective.


Yes! Many members have been at this for a while, from a few years up through 10–15 years or more. As a seasoned nomad, you know there are still challenges; they’re just different than they were at the beginning. You also know that as your life and priorities change over time, new questions can arise and you may feel like a newbie all over again as you figure out what’s next. You’ve probably also experienced challenges making real connections with like-minded people, even if you’ve met plenty of nomads on your journey. No matter how much experience you have, the Collective is for you.


Absolutely! In the Collective you’ll find lots of getting-started resources, conversations relevant to people at all stages, and other newbies and experienced nomads alike to help you along the way. We don’t specifically focus on how to become location-independent or start a business, but plenty of us are business owners, freelancers, or remote workers and we often discuss the ins and outs of making it work. But work isn’t everything, and there are retired folks here too, so we talk about the rest of life as well!


People of all genders (primarily women), aged 30–70 (40s and 50s especially), some parents, some who are (early) retirees or on sabbatical as well as many self-employed and some remote workers, some traveling/living abroad and some domestic, predominantly Americans but also a handful of people from other countries or with citizenship/residency in multiple countries.


This is not another Facebook group! The Collective is a private community hosted on the Mighty Networks platform, which you can access via the web or their app for iOS and Android. The beauty of having our own space is that you can stay active in the community even if you want to avoid Facebook! Keeping the content focused on one topic leads to deeper and richer discussions and connections, and our frequent live events offer opportunities to really get to know and support each other.


Yes, you automatically get a 14-day free trial when you sign up.


Yes! However, there are no refunds offered on membership fees already paid. The Collective is meant to grow with and support you throughout your Nomadtopia and we hope you’ll stick around, but there’s no long-term commitment. We’re here as long as you need us.


No, but when you join you’ll get 14 days to try it out for free. If you decide it’s not a good fit, cancel any time during your free trial and you won’t pay a dime. 


Amy, the founder of Nomadtopia, is American, and many of our members are from the United States, but there are people in the Collective from a variety of countries and some with multiple citizenships/residencies. Some of the specific resources and information shared may be more helpful to Americans, but we are always eager to help and will point you in the right direction for your particular situation if we can. And of course many of the challenges nomads face, like maintaining relationships and caring for aging parents, are universal. We’re all in this together!


All of the official member events are virtual and can be attended from anywhere. Call times vary to be accessible to the greatest number of people, taking into account active members’ current locations and availability as much as possible.

Members often meet up in person when their paths cross, which has happened in a variety of locations around the world including Texas (USA), several cities in Mexico, and Lisbon (Portugal).


Of course! Contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Just click here! You’ll be taken to another page to enter your payment details (but won’t be charged for 14 days), and then you’ll receive instructions on how to create an account and access the community.

Ready to get the answers you need to build, live, and thrive in your location-independent lifestyle?

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